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Plugin Event Categories

By default the plugin logs events using a set of predefined Event Categories. The Event Category is a mandatory attribute for Google Analytics.

You can customize it in a few ways:

  • for events logged with the provided API, the Event Category parameter can be used;
  • use an Attribute with key ec, specifying the Event Category label as value.

Predefined Event Category Labels


Used for events logged by the plugin for “system” needs (e.g. to keep track of the session lifecycle, keep-alive events, etc.).


For events missing the mandatory ec parameter.

This can happen when a custom event is logged with the API but the Event Category parameter has not been set; or when using lower-level methods and the Attribute ec has not being configured.

Since Google Analytics requires this attribute, when it's missing we fill it with gamp-unknown.


For events logged using the Unreal Engine IAnalyticsProvider interface.


For purchase events logged by the user using the IAnalyticsProvider interface.

Both real-money and virtual currency events will be logged in this category.

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