MultiWorld  1.0.0
MultiWorld plugin for Unreal Engine 4


MultiWorld is a plugin for Unreal Engine 4 to handle multiple independent UWorld instances simultaneously. You can run several worlds in parallel, each one with completely isolated actors and components (and so with independent graphics, audio, physics, collisions, UI, etc), with the option to transfer the player and other actors between the worlds.



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Main features

The plugin provides everything you need to load and manage independent Worlds simultaneously. Each world is an independent UWorld instance, owning an managing its own actors and components. Supported features:

  • unlimited number of independent "Secondary Worlds";
  • any standard UE4 Level/UMAP is compatible as-is with the plugin;
  • the standard UE4 network-replication for multi-player games is supported on the Main World (Secondary Worlds are not replicated);
  • the local player can be moved between Worlds;
  • actors can be transferred between Worlds;
  • Words can be independently ticked, also when not shown in the viewport;
  • asynchronous loading of Level/UMAP files;
  • all the features are available from both Blueprints and C++.

For the complete list of functionalities, look through the UMultiWorldStatics interface.

IMPORTANT The plugin has some technical limitations, please read about them carefully.

Quick start

For a quick-start using the plugin, you can read the Getting Started guide. It shows how quickly and easily the plugin can be used.

Important concepts are described in the Main Concepts section. It contains more details about the plugin and information about advanced features.

To correctly use the plugin, you should read the Setup and Checklist guide. It describes the Project Setup required to use the plugin and a number of importante technical notes.

Near all the functionalities of the plugin are available through a single Blueprint Function Library: UMultiWorldStatics. Look through it to discover all the available methods.