UE5 Cardboard VR 1.3.0
Unreal Engine plugin to run UE4 and UE5 mobile VR projects on iOS and Android devices using Google Cardboard VR viewers.
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Frequently Asked Questions & How-tos

Frequently Asked Questions & How-tos

List of answers to frequently asked how-tos.

Access the HMD orientation when not in VR-mode

Thanks to the UE4 Cardboard VR plugin, you can access the head tracking data also when not in VR mode using the UE XR Tracking system:

  1. configure the Player Pawn following the documentation;
  2. on the Pawn initialization, e.g. in the EventBeginPlay event, retrieve and store the current Head Mounted Display using the EnumerateTrackedDevices node:
Get a reference to the registered Head Mounted Display
  1. in the Pawn Tick event, read the current device Orientation using the GetDevicePose method and use it to set the camera rotation:
Get the device orientation and set the camera rotation