Google Analytics Measurement Protocol 1.2.0
Google Analytics plugin for Unreal Engine, using a native cross-platform implementation of the Measurement Protocol.
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Google Analytics 4 back-end setup

Google Analytics 4 back-end setup

The plugin needs the Measurement ID of a Google Analytics 4 web property (ensure you're using a Web property). The Measurement ID is a string like G-PSW1MY7HB4, that uniquely identifies the corresponding Property.

The plugin supports distinct Measurement IDs for different Build Configurations, to separate - for example - events recorded by development builds from events recorded by production builds.

To create a GA4 web property to be use with the plugin, please follow the official setup instructions by Google. Briefly, the steps should be:

  1. log into the Google Analytics platform;
  2. enter into the Admin section;
  3. create a new Account if needed;
  4. with the correct Account selected, press the Create Property button and fill the Property details;
  5. when asked to "Choose your business objectives", we suggest to select the most generic "Get baseline reports";
  6. when asked to "Start collecting data", choose the Web platform;
  7. fill the form, leaving the Enhanced Measurement option enabled. Website URL can be set to any desired URL, also not-existent (e.g.
GA4 Web Stream

The plugin needs the Measurement ID of the created Web Stream (Admin > Data Streams > [your-web-stream]).

Measurement ID of a Web Stream

For further details and troubleshooting, please refer to the official documentation by Google.