Google Analytics Measurement Protocol 1.2.0
Google Analytics plugin for Unreal Engine, using a native cross-platform implementation of the Measurement Protocol.
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Google Universal Analytics back-end setup

Google Universal Analytics back-end setup

The plugin needs the Tracking ID of a Universal Analytics property. The Tracking ID is a string like UA-000000-2, that uniquely identifies the corresponding Property.

The plugin supports distinct Tracking IDs for different Build Configurations, to separate - for example - events recorded by development builds from events recorded by production builds.

To create a Universal Analytics property to be use with the plugin, please follow the official Google setup instructions. Briefly, the steps should be:

  • log into the Google Analytics platform;
  • in the Admin section, create a new Account if needed;
  • with an Account selected, press the Create Property button and fill the Property details;
  • click Show advanced options;
  • turn on the switch for Create a Universal Analytics property:
    • set the Website URL to the URL of your game/application website, if possible; otherwise use a unique custom URL (e.g.;
    • select Create a Universal Analytics property only.

Please refer to the official setup documentation by Google for further details and troubleshooting on setting up the Google Analytics backend.

For the best experience, we suggest to create a Mobile App View, enable the Ecommerce and the Enhanced Ecommerce features, enable the User-ID feature. Please refer to the official Google Analytics documentation for its configuration and usage.