MultiWorld 1.9.1
Manage multiple isolated UWorld instances simultaneously in Unreal Engine, transferring player and actors between worlds.
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ULoadWorldAction Class Reference

Class to create a proper "async" action node for the LoadWorld function. More...

#include <MultiWorldStatics.h>

Inheritance diagram for ULoadWorldAction:

Public Member Functions

virtual void Activate () override
 Execute the actual load. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ULoadWorldActionLoadWorld (UObject *WorldContextObject, TSoftObjectPtr< UWorld > InMapAsset, FMultiWorldLoadParameters InParams)
 Synchronously load a World into memory. More...

Public Attributes

FOnLoadWorldCompletedDelegate Completed
 Completion delegate. More...

Detailed Description

Class to create a proper "async" action node for the LoadWorld function.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Activate()

virtual void ULoadWorldAction::Activate ( )

Execute the actual load.

◆ LoadWorld()

static ULoadWorldAction * ULoadWorldAction::LoadWorld ( UObject *  WorldContextObject,
TSoftObjectPtr< UWorld >  InMapAsset,
FMultiWorldLoadParameters  InParams 

Synchronously load a World into memory.

This is a blocking call, that do most of its job in the game thread and completes its activity before the end of the current engine frame. To guarantee a proper initialization of the loaded UWorld, some initializations could have to be deferred later in the current engine frame. The OnComplete callback will be called as soon as the initialization is done.

In particular, if this method is called during the BeginPlay of the current world (aka the Active World), the OnComplete callback will be activated soon after the BeginPlay ends.

Be aware that the loaded world exists only on the local client and is not replicated.
[in]WorldContextObjectthe world context object
InMapAssetthe map asset where the World is located.
InParamsoptional params to customize the loading.
OnCompletedelegate called on loading complete.
See also
UMultiWorldManager::LoadWorldAsync() or LoadWorldAsyncWithDelegate() to load a world asynchronously.
FMultiWorldLoadParameters to customize the loading.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Completed

FOnLoadWorldCompletedDelegate ULoadWorldAction::Completed

Completion delegate.

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