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Convert a Mixamo animation to a UE4 Root Motion animation

The UE4 Mixamo Animation Retargeting plugin has a functionality to convert Mixamo animations to UE4 Root Motion animations.

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To create the Root Motion animation, the plugin requires both the following assets:

NOTE Without the In Place animation is not possible to compute the correct Root Motion animation. Unfortunately Mixamo doesn't provide In Place animations for all of its animations. In this case you can manually edit the animation using some specialized software (like Blender), or use a custom Animation Blueprint that copies the pelvis/Hips translations to the root bone as needed, and then "zeroes" them.

Mixamo In Place animation

Video Tutorial

Here is a short video that shows all the steps described below.

How to - step by step

To convert a Mixamo animation to an Unreal Engine 4 Root Motion animation:

Done :) You'll find the new Mixamo Root Motion animation in the Content Browser.

The newly created animation sequence asset containing Mixamo animation converted into a Root Motion animation

For details about the Root Motion animation and how to use them, please refer to the official Unreal Engine 4 Documentation.

download on unreal engine marketplace