All-round software solutions since 1994

UNAmedia is a software house with long-standing experience in bespoke software development. The firm operates in the fields of interactive digital media, mobile apps, video games and enterprise-class web applications. It specializes in Unreal Engine 4, Virtual Reality, C++, Objective C, Java and Java EE native solutions.



Your solutions architect

UNAmedia has been delivering top-notch software solutions since 1994, satisfying the needs of leading international companies and their brands. We use a wide range of technologies to provide immersive, real-time and user-centered solutions.



iOS & Android

UNAmedia has specialized in native mobile development for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android since 2009. Applications range from entertainment to medical apps; from social clients to virtual reality experiences.

video games

Video games

Native 2D/3D game dev

UNAmedia has been developing video games since 1994 using native C/C++ solutions. Today we specialize in Unreal Engine 4 and Cocos2d-x technologies, delivering 2D and 3D video games on multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS, Android.

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