Sim Racing Telemetry

Sim Racing Telemetry

Sim Racing Telemetry is the essential tool for the sim racing eSports community to quickly acquire, analyze and review detailed telemetry data from sim racing games.

Unreal Engine

Mixamo Animation Retargeting

Mixamo Animation Retargeting

Use Mixamo animations and characters in Unreal Engine 5. With few clicks you can use Mixamo animations with UE5 characters, and use UE5 animations with Mixamo characters. Includes support for Root Motion, Full Body IK.

Stereo Panoramic Player

Stereo Panoramic Player

Create cross-platform interactive media players and virtual tours for 360° panoramic images and videos in Unreal Engine 5, supporting both mono and stereo media sources.



Manage multiple UWorld instances simultaneously, running different worlds in parallel with isolated actors and components. Transfer players and actors between worlds.

Cardboard VR

Cardboard VR

UE5 plugin to support Google Cardboard VR headsets on iOS and Android mobile platforms, integrating the new official Google Cardboard SDK.

Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

Easily log application and game events to Google Analytics, using a native cross-platform implementation compatible with all the platforms supported by Unreal Engine (desktop and console included).

All-round software solutions since 1994

UNAmedia is a software house with long-standing experience in bespoke software development. The firm operates in the fields of interactive digital media, mobile apps, video games and enterprise-class web applications. It specializes in Unreal Engine, Virtual Reality, C++, Objective C, Java and Java EE native solutions.



Your solutions architect

UNAmedia has been delivering top-notch software solutions since 1994, satisfying the needs of leading international companies and their brands. We use a wide range of technologies to provide immersive, real-time and user-centered solutions.



iOS & Android

UNAmedia has specialized in native mobile development for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android since 2009. Applications range from entertainment to medical apps; from social clients to virtual reality experiences.

video games

Video games

Native 2D/3D game dev

UNAmedia has been developing video games since 1994 using native C/C++ solutions. Today we specialize in Unreal Engine and low-level technologies. Check UNAgames® for our B2C activities.

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