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Retarget a UE4 animation to a Mixamo character

Retargeting a UE4 Animation to a Mixamo Character is very simple, and uses the standard UE4 workflow. You can read more about the UE4 retargeting system here:

The UE4 Mixamo Animation Retargeting plugin automatically performs all the configurations needed by UE4.

download on unreal engine marketplace

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial shows, after having applied the plugin, how to retarget a UE4 animation to a Mixamo character.

How to - step by step

To retarget an Unreal Engine 4 animation (including any Root Motion animation) to a Mixamo character:

Done :) You'll find the new retargeted animation in your Content Browser.

Root Motion animations

Thanks to the plugin, a Root Bone is added to the Mixamo assets, allowing you to retarget any existing UE4 Root Motion animation to any Mixamo character.

The Root Boon added to the Mixamo skeleton

If interested, read more on how to convert a Mixamo animation into a Root Motion animation using the UE4 Mixamo Animation Retargeting plugin.

download on unreal engine marketplace