UE5 360 Stereo Panoramic Player 1.2.5
Create interactive Media Players and Virtual Tours for mono and stereo 360 panoramic images and videos in Unreal Engine 5.
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CAPanoramicDirectorHandle the playing of panoramic experiences
 CAPanoramicPawnThe default pawn for the panoramic experience
 CAPanoramicSpherePanoramicSphere is the main class to view a panoramic source (both UTexture2D and MediaTexture)
 CFPanoramicPositionA position in the panoramic scene
 CFPanoramicStageImageDataCollects data for an image stage
 CFPanoramicStageMovieDataCollects data for a movie stage
 CFPanoramicStageNavigationA stage navigation allows to switch from one stage to another one
 CFSphereConfigConfiguration for the sphere generation
 CFStereoPanoramicPlayerModulePlugin module implementation
 CIPanoramicWidgetViewfinderInterfacePanoramic UMG Widget Viewfinder interface
 CUNavigationTextureThe navigation texture "wraps" a UTexture2D and allow the access of its raw data from the cpu
 CUPanoramicBlueprintFunctionLibraryUtilities functions accessible even from blueprints
 CUPanoramicExperienceCollects data of a panoramic experience
 CUPanoramicInteractionComponentThe component used to perfom interactions with the stage navigations
 CUPanoramicStageDefines a stage of a panoramic experience
 CUPanoramicWidgetComponentUPanoramicWidgetComponent extends the UWidgetComponent to overwrite the default material, and to associate a stage navigation data