Basics - How to import a Mixamo animation in UE5

The following are basic and generic instructions to correctly import an animation from the Mixamo website into an Unreal Engine 5 project. Playing with the options in Mixamo and Unreal Engine 5, more advanced workflows are possible.

download on unreal engine marketplace

Done :) You'll find the Mixamo animation in the Content Browser.

Now you are ready to retarget this Mixamo animation to character using the UE5 Mannequin.

download on unreal engine marketplace


Animation Sample Rate

The default animation import settings are set to automatically calculate the sample rate, but sometime this is causing incorrect results (in extreme cases, some animations can be imported at over 1000fps, causing also editor performance issues).

UE5 Animation Sample Rate issue

This can easily be fixed in the FBX Import Options dialog:

download on unreal engine marketplace