MultiWorld 1.9.1
Manage multiple isolated UWorld instances simultaneously in Unreal Engine, transferring player and actors between worlds.
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 CAMultiWorldSceneCapture2DSpecialization of ASceneCapture2D compatible with the MultiWorld plugin
 CFMultiWorldHandleWrap an UWorld
 CFMultiWorldLoadParametersCollect all parameters to pass to the UMultiWorldStatics::LoadWorld() function
 CFMultiWorldModuleDefines the MultiWorld module
 CFMultiWorldTransferActorParametersOptions for UMultiWorldStatics::TransferActorToWorld()
 CFScopeLocalPlayerOnWorldUtility class to force the LocalPlayer's World to be the one given in input and assign the right PlayerController for the duration of this context
 CIMultiWorldActorInterfaceActors can implement this interface to be notified when the local player has entered/exited the world where they live
 CULoadWorldActionClass to create a proper "async" action node for the LoadWorld function
 CULoadWorldAsyncActionClass to create a proper async action node for the LoadWorldAsync function
 CUMultiWorldActorInterfaceSee IMultiWorldActorInterface
 CUMultiWorldGameInstanceCustom GameInstance class needed to support MultiWorld on your project
 CUMultiWorldGameViewportClientCustom GameViewportClient class needed to support MultiWorld on your project
 CUMultiWorldManagerThe subsystem of the MultiWorld plugin
 CUMultiWorldOverridesAll functions that MUST be overridden for the correct behaviour of the MultiWorld plugin
 CUMultiWorldSceneCaptureComponent2DSpecialization of USceneCaptureComponent2D component compatible with the MultiWorld plugin
 CUMultiWorldSeamTransitionHelper class to make a seam transition between two worlds, driving a customizable graphics effect
 CUMultiWorldStaticsStatic class with MultiWorld functions that can be called from both Blueprint and C++